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Throughout my own long history with horses, I have always wondered at the common practice of  "sending a horse to the trainer." To me, it didn't make the best sense, because the owner most certainly doesn't have the same skill set that the trainer does so how will that training going be maintained when the horse comes home?  For years I have thought, "Wouldn't it be great if the "common practice" was for the trainer to come to the horse?"

Working as a hoof care professional, that idea has become even more urgent in my mind because so many times a customer sends a horse off to a trainer and  we  have to deal with recovering the horse from life at the trainers when the horse returns home. When considering sending the horse away for training, natural horse minded owners are immediately faced with problems before any training begins!

1. Having made the commitment to natural hoof care, these owners are faced with trainers who insist the horse must be shod.

2. Having learned the importance of a more natural diet and lifestyle, these owners are faced with the realities of boarding at the trainer's facility which most often means the horse is in a stall eating processed feed.

3. Having learned the importance of and great difficulty of a proper saddle fit, these owners are faced with the trainer using his or her saddle, quite frequently its a honking big heavy western saddle that fits the trainer, but almost NEVER fits the horse!

4. Having learned the importance of natural horsemanship, or resistance free training, these owners are faced with having to allow the trainer's sometimes harsh methods.

Often the trainer only has 30 days to pound the horse into a ridable animal, when we all know it takes a long time to produce a trusting confident and safe companion to ride. So basically, after the 30 days, the owner gets a green horse that has been stressed by the drastic changes in living conditions and back to its home where patterns that may have contributed to the problems/behavior have not changed, or to an owner who doesn't know how to work or ride the horse the way the trainer did....the 30 day ends up a waste for many. After all, if the owners knew what to do the way the trainer does it, they wouldn't have needed to send it off to a trainer in the first place!

So it makes more sense to me for a trainer who understands all the ins and outs of natural horse keeping in addition to natural horsemanship style training, to work with the horse in its own environment, to be able to assess the environment and management practices to address possible issues that might be contributing to the problem, as well as to  work WITH the owner and teach the owner how to teach the horse. This is particularly important with horses that have behavior problems, or rescue horses with trust issues from past abuse.

SOOOOO.....I thought, it would be great to have a network of natural horsemanship trainers, who will come to the horse, to call upon for my customers. I'm sure all my colleagues would love to have the same!

There is only so much we can get from book and videos, so if you need help with your horse to get started under saddle, work on behavior issues, learn what you need to do to develop a willing partner and need someone to show you in real time, at YOUR farm, contact one of the practitioners below and find out what is possible for your situation. If you know some one in your circle of horse friends, pass it along!

To my colleagues, if you feel any of your customers could benefit from a service such as this,  feel free to send this out to your client list. If you have such a trainer in your area and want him or her listed, have them send their info to me at
. We all know it takes a team to serve the horses and we all have contacts for people in compatible fields for our clients, such as equine chiropractors, massage therapy, holistic vets, and so on. Its time we had contacts to refer to for training and on-site horse-keeping consulting!

Best to all and for the horses,
Cindy "Hawk" Sullivan

MA, RI, CT and Southern NH

Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate has become world renowned in the world of good horsemanship. Gwen teaches and shares, speaks and trains daily. Her studies with and of such Masters as Mark Rashid, John Lyons, Tom Dorrance, Pat Parelli, Linda Tellington Jones and others who became 'natural horse-world names' with the internet explosion have sprinkled her own methods of horsemanship with spice and flavor that bring life and harmony to the horse and human relationship. Her pioneering teachings of Clicker Training and Natural Hoofcare have helped to set a precedence in the world of horses today.

Over 45 years of living, working, training and playing with horses of all ages, breeds, disciplines and types.  Defining Excellence in Horsemanship ...


Serving MA, RI, CT and Southern NH   508-476-1317

Karen Jones - with 40 years of experience, Karen works with horses and their humans to develop a true partnership, on the ground and in the saddle. Karen is also skilled at helping you evaluate your horse keeping practices, helping you set up a more natural environment, evaluating diet, and assessing your horse for problem areas such as body issues, tack issues, etc. and will provide you with contact information for professionals in complementary fields of equine wellness should your horse need treatment.  Will Travel!

Candee Niss - North Atlanta area.
What It's all about...
The horse ALWAYS comes first. My main concern is your horse's comfort and quality of life. Creating a partnership means clarity in your training, sensitivity to your equine partner's needs, patience and understanding. I will help you develop communication skills with your horse by coming to teach you at your own home or stable. I will travel to Canton, Ball Ground, Alpharetta, Cumming, Dawsonville, Jasper, Woodstock and immediate surrounding areas. I am available for clinics with advance notice. Visit Candee's Web Site

Kyle McMichen -
Barnesville, GA
(770) 358-9922
Kyle is accepting horses for training using methods that develop communication, lightness, and trust rather than gimmicks and force between horse and rider. Horses are kept barefoot, and live in small group settings rather than being locked in a stall. We encourage owners to come often to get coaching so that the training transfers to them. Visit our web site for more pictures, details, and contact information.
The photo is Kyle on a TWH that was sent to him for riding prior to sale. The horse was such a psychological mess that Kyle ended up buying him instead of having him sent to auction, and Kyle and Shadow have developed a wonderful relationship over the last year.

  Stillwater Natural Horsemanship with Marsha Edwards.

I believe that "true strength is gentle and true gentleness is strength." Every horse is looking to you for leadership. I help people understand the awareness, communication and confidence needed for being a good leader through mutual trust, respect and understanding horse behavior. I teach 'the language of horses'; why they behave the way they do and how to develop a willing partner for life. I work with horses that have issues with trailering, bolting, kicking, biting etc., I start colts and teach beginning horsemanship from the ground up for all ages. It's never too late to live your dream. I am also called upon for barn management consulting. I give private and group lessons and yes, I will come to you.
"Some of my greatest teachers have been horses."
I believe that natural horsemanship should be available to all, so my prices are very reasonable even negotiable.

Contact me at: or call 650-229-4990

Michelle Coble - I never take on a horse for training without the owner involved.  It is their partnership with their horse, not mine... I am a trainer that prefers to be the guide, coach, mentor towards that partnership.  My job as trainer is to begin the understanding with the horse (get the horse one step ahead of the owner for that task) and show the owner how to continue.  Worked with all types of problem horses and rehabs, gentle starting under saddle and to harness, developing gaited horses naturally and comfortably (no rigging), teaching Natural Horsemanship and Riding using Centered Riding methods.  Speaking to the horse in their language on the ground and under saddle. 

East San Francisco Bay area, CA.
925 789 0217 

Heather Strumolo- "Working with the Equine Mind to achieve Harmony in the Horse-Human Relationship". Horsewoman for over 20 years with a background in Natural Horsemanship, dressage, and hunter/jumpers. Personally training in Level 4 of the Parelli program. I specialize in rehabilitating horses with problem behaviors, doing foundation training for young horses, and putting together riding and handling programs for owners so they can have a great relationship with their horse. I work throughout the state of Florida and will come to you. I will also be opening up a natural boarding facility in the spring of 2010 so that horses can come stay with us if that is what the horse and owner needs. Phone: 772-538-2450, email:

"I won't break your horse. I'll gentle him..."
"Between the rider and the ground is the grace of God"

Cathie Hatrick-Anderson
Member of The MA Six Shooters
Member of The CT Renegades
BBI instructor
cell (508)479-5266

I specialize in starting colts and re-habilitating problem horses. I have been training horses for over 30 years. Born in Southern CA. and brought up in the western tradition. I am a proud daughter of rodeo bareback bronc rider, trick rider, and horse trainer Kathie Jo Hatrick, and outdoor extremist Dennis Shane Hatrick.

Check out this article!

New Jersey
Anne-Marie Kaleda - Equine Foundation Training and barefoot trimming. Specializing in starting young horses as well as working with problem horses. Natural horsemanship methods. <> Level 3 parelli student. I have taken clinics with Aimee Brimhall, Bob Jeffreys, Marice Thibault and Susan Nelson. Spent 6 weeks in Montana with Aimee Brimhall. Located in Northern NJ. Will travel to your farm.


Lila HardingI feel that a relationship with a horse is a privilege and something that we earn, not something that is assumed or taken for granted.”  The students and clients that find me are ones who are willing to take a heart-first approach and become involved in the training and learning process. As a horse trainer and people coach, I am focused on the quality of the bond and connection between both horse and human. With that connection in place, training and communication are straightforward and natural.  I teach my students about the language and culture of horses and how to handle them safely through kind and natural horsemanship.  I work with horses of all breeds, through varieties of problems and challenges accomplishing much of the foundational training through ground work.  Regardless of the riding discipline we focus on centered-riding techniques, communication body language and leadership. I have been coaching and training people for 25 years and working with and training animals most of my life.

I have studied with by many great horse masters and most recently Carolyn Resnick.  Her work has had a profound influence on how I approach and shape a horse’s character and help the student understand how to create a willing and respectful partnership.   

Visit my website for more info:


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