Created by Dave Montana

Many of you have, or know of someone who has a horse that is so lame, trimming is extremely difficult. Picking up one front foot puts so much extra weight on the other that the pain can increase beyond the horse's tolerance. Horse owner, Dave Montana had such a horse and devised his "EquiSling" to provide support and security for the horse (and the trimmer!) while the feet are handled.

Sling being secured to horse.

Sling pre-fitted to the horse

Sling atached to support system

EquiSling on foundered mare
Foundered mare in an early version of the sling.

*Note: DO NOT assume your horse will happily relax into the sling just because he has sore feet.
As with any new piece of equipment, introduce your horse to it before using it.
Always keep an eye on the horse and never leave him unattended when the sling is in place.
Make sure the sling is suspended from a solid support.

If you are interested in ordering an EquiSling, please contact
Dave Montana
P.O. Box 331
French Creek, WV 26218
Phone: (304) 924-5897
email: info@equisling.com

Web Site: http://www.EquiSling.com

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