Natural Horse Resourses
Here you will find information related to Natural Horsemanship of which High Performance Barefootedness is just one component. Natural Horsemanship  encompasses all aspects of human/horse interaction, from horsekeeping methods to riding techniques.
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Hoof Care Providers - On this page you will find professionals who can provide natural hoof care for you, and
                horseowners who will share their experiences and recommendations.  As it grows, this list will be the most
                comprehansive list of providers in the world. Check often for updates.

Training - Natural Horsemanship includes how we interact with our horses.  The days of "breaking" horses are
                being replaced with more harmonious, resistance-free methods. Many of the people leading the
                training aspect of the Natural Horsemanship movement are not  "natural horsemen" in the purest sense of
                the term (i.e. do not barefoot their horses, nor allow 24/7 turnout in natural living conditions). However, their
                methods and practices are worth a look. Take what feels right and works for you and your horse to incorporate into your own program. Be willing to change your thinking!
The listing below includes not just horse trainers and people trainers but also hoof pracitioner trainers and resource publications.
Alexander Nevzorov -  REALLY gets it! ALL of it!
Michael Bevilacqua
John Lyons
Pat Parelli
Monty Roberts
Ray Hunt
Sally Swift
Linda-Tellington Jones
Marv Walker
Bill Dorrance
Mark Rashid
Klaus Hempfling
Alexandra Kurland
Terry Nowacki    Scent Detection Horse

PFM Enterprises, Cyd Birns
Heike Bean  Learn Driving from the best!
Michael Bevilacqua

The Equine Sciences Academy


Michael Bevilacqua -Nevzorov Haute Ecole workshops for 2011 begin in B.C. March 19-20. In planning a Canada-wide tour, Michael Bevilacqua, NHE Senior Representative is looking for various stops along the way in each province.
Interested in   hosting   a  workshop? Have questions? Contact Michael at
For more info about topics or what the workshops entail please visit
Alternative Horse Magazine
Equine Wellness
The Horse's Hoof
Natural Horse Magazine
The Trail Less Traveled
Perfect Horse Magazine

Hoof Boots- Horses in transition to barefootedness may need extra protection until their feet adjust to life without shoes.

Books -  We recommend that everyone involved with horses seek to learn all they can on an ongoing basis.
                Education is the most powerful resource available to us....feed your mind....don't just take someone else's word.

Natural Horse Store  at The Penzance Horse website.


EverMoist  Trying to trim hard, dry hooves that are like granite? Give this a try!  Click Here or on the EverMoist logo.

EquiSling - help for foundered or navicular horses (or any condition causing severe lameness) that are too sore
                    to hold one foot up for trimming.  This makes it easier on the horse and safer for the trimmer.
                    *Note: DO NOT assume your horse will happily relax into the sling just because he has sore feet.
                      As with any new piece of equipment, introduce your horse to it before using it.
                      Always keep an eye on the horse and never leave him unattended when the sling is in place.
                      Make sure the sling is suspended from a solid support.

Click here for

Equitation - Ride your natural horse in a manner that enables his natural movement and carriage rather than inhibiting it. The biggest factor is the fit of the saddle - far different than the concepts followed by most saddle fitters. Learn more at

Nutrition - Nature endowed all her creatures - including all members of Tribe Equus - with the ability to recognize what their bodies need.  The natural horse roams miles searching for just the right nutrients in the right amounts needed by the body each day.  In the company of mankind, horses often find themselves being offered only prescribed rations at specified intervals each day based on what the human believes the horse needs.  We believe that a compromise can be reached by owners and caretakers that will allow as much free choice as possible for the horse in the domestic setting.

However, we also recognized that domestic-kept horses do not have the vast acreage to roam as do their wild cousins, nor do they have the keen instincts produced by wild living.  Further, issues of envriomental degredation on a planetary scale that have affected all biological oganisms increase the difficulty for domestics to recognize what their bodies need without some assistance from caretakers. Therefore, we urge horse owners to educate themselves on the enviromental impact of chemical toxins and about the chemical compositions of feed and suppliments we feed our horses (and ourselves).  Learn what those ingredients on labels really mean and the impact they might have on health. Find out what can be safely fed free-choice and what cannot.  You would be surprised at how many of the most widely used and highly acclaimed products contain harmful fillers and additives.

What's in your feed and supplements? Ever wonder about all those ingredients (many you can't even pronounce) in your horse's feed and supplements.  Here is a list of some common ingredients in products fed to our horses. In researching this list, we have found that often things are in animal feed "because that's the way it's always been sone"...does that argumant sound familiar to all you barefooters?  Further, ingredients will be put in products for horses dogs and cats that would not be allowed in animals intended for human consumption.  Why?  With the changing and increasingly stressed environment, our horses have enough to deal with than to add to the situation by feeding products with unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients.
Be an educated consumer on behalf of your horse...LEARN TO READ THE LABELS!
Please note: this list is evolving and will be continuously updated. if you have a product with an ingredient not listed here, send an email to Tribe Equus and we'll do our best to research and post it.

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