Feral Central Asian Horses
Mongolia, Kazakhstan

The Images and Narrative on this page were submitted by Jeff Frame  jframe31210@yahoo.com

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A note from Jeff:
Here are a few of my pictures of wild and semi-wild horses from my travels. When I say semi-wild I mean that they are "owned" by someone somewhere but since there are no fences, they are allowed to roam as if wild.

Semi-wild horses on in the Aksu-Jabagaly National Park in Southern
Kazakhstan near the border with Uzbekistan (the mountains in the background
are in Uzbekistan). This was amazing to see them crest the hill and run down
to the water. They stopped when they saw my friend and I across the water with
our tent. Then they proceeded to roll around in the water and kick up the mud.
Luckily I got this amazing picture while they were still in a state of

Petroglyph estimated to be around 4000 years old. A guy with a bow and
arrow apparently is shooting at a wild horse. Unfortunately uneducated
shepherd boys have somewhat defaced these petroglyphs by scratching them. This
is in an ancient corridor into the Tian Shan from the steppes of Central Asia
on the Kazakhstan side just across from the Kyrgyz side. This could have been
a primitive persons rendering of the Scythian warriors that he saw riding past
on horses, they are said to be the first to have domesticated the horses on
the steppes of Central Asia.

A (wild?) horse roaming through the virtually abandoned and ruined city of
Karatau in southern Kazakhstan.

Semi-wild horses in Central Kyrgyzstan. These horses are milked to make
kumyss, the fermented drink of the nomads of Central Asia that Marco Polo

These are more semi-wild horses used to make Kumyss in southern Kyrgyzstan.
This is a beautiful shot in my opinion.

These are the semi-wild horses of the nomad reindeer herders the Tsaatan in
norther Mongolia. These people live in the middle of nowhere and have some
amazing horses. They also live in yurt's (a type of tent) and ride the reindeer.

More about Jeff:

You can visit Jeff's web site to see more of his work.  http://public.fotki.com/JFrame31210/ Thanks Jeff for sharing these beautiful images!

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