Cindy "Hawk" Sullivan
Online Consultation

Certainly my preferred evaluation method would be to see the horse in person, however there are a number of people out there who would like to take steps toward natural hoof and horse care, but have no practitioner within reach and are hesitant to try it themselves.

An online consultation will provide you with an opportunity to help your horse live better and work better. This is an opportunity for you to get another opinion, another perspective, ask questions and receive a comprehensive evaluation of your horse's situation no matter where you are. If you are struggling to help your horse with a particular issue, or if you are struggling to learn how to provide care yourself and have no access to a practitioner, or if you need another opinion on what you are already doing... I can help.

Online consultation requires a bit of work on your part to gather information and images necessary for a reasonable evaluation to be made. You will receive instructions on what information is needed and how to gather and send it. Once the information is received, it will be carefully evaluated and you will receive a written evaluation with specific recommendations.

Cost: $250
  • Written evaluation
  • Recommendations for care
  • Photo markups when applicable.
  • Two follow-up reviews one at 4 weeks, one at 8 weeks
  • Additional Follow-up if needed: $50 per each.
Prices are per animal.

It is important to me and to you that your consultation is of value to you and your horse. If your situation is something I feel I cannot help you with, I will not waste time and resources that might delay care for your horse.  So, I will ask you to fill out a consultation form as completely as possible. Once I have reviewed the information, I will send you an email accepting the consult, or suggesting another course of action that I feel would better serve you and your horse. Once accepted you will receive additional information on how to gather necessary data.

To schedule a consultation

  • Wait for my email response

  • Return to this page to submit payment. Use this Paypal button. (Note: consult fees are donated to Whisper Ranch Equine Rescue)

For an additional follow-up (should you feel you need it), click here to pay.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you and your horse.

NOTE: I am not a veterinarian and thus I cannot legally diagnose or prescribe. 
The information and opinions I will provide is based upon extensive work in the
field on cases similar to yours including cases in collaboration with the attending veterinarians.

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