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~ Cindy "Hawk" Sullivan
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as they were born to be...

 High Performance Barefoot Horses   
Wild Horse (Mustang) Hoof - Western United States

Advice For Professionals:
"The trick is not in knowing what to do, rather in knowing when to do it.
Everything works sometimes, but nothing works every time.
If something fails on even ONE horse, then it must be considered a tool, not a rule!" 
~ Cindy Sullivan, 2005

Hoof Form - Its All About Adaptation!

Ever wondered if wild hooves in other biomes look the same as those from the Western U.S. High Desert region pictured on this and other sites?  Explore with us!

  • Wild Horses of New Zealand  (Coming Soon Eventually - Really!)
  • Wild Horses of Duelmener - Germany  (ComingSoon Eventually - there's just not enough hours in the day!)

What is High Performance Barefootedness?"

Barefoot Horses in Action

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